Powerful Simplicity

Transform your business and simplify your digital out of home signage network and content distribution platform. Unlock the full potential of your out of home network with Athena. Athena is an intelligent, automated solution for managing video content across a network of any size. Your Athena dashboard allows you to manage all of your displays, anywhere in the world from a central place. Our cloud-based software gives you the power and control to schedule content, update and organize content, create new screens and channels from your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Take Control and Grow!

Simple yet powerful, scalable and insanely affordable.  Our Athena cloud-based digital-out-of-home and streaming video content management software platform puts the power and control in your hands.  Grow your network without limitations – from 25 screens to thousands.

Your Network, Your Way

Our Athena Dashboard and intuitive design allows you to manage any size network from anywhere at anytime. From your office, on the road or maybe even the beach.  Athena is a warrior of a platform!

All Of The Features You Could Ever Ask For

Content Scheduling

Upload, organize & schedule content to play at specific times of the day or at certain intervals throughout the day.   


Media Management

Manage and organize video content easily into playlists & channels.  Create unlimited playlists and assign multiple channels to screens

Real Time Player Status

View the connection status of all your screens in one place. The dashboard will notify you is a screen is offline. Set offline thresholds for notifications.

Sound Control

Enable or disable sound on any screen remotely from your dashboard

Screen Operating Hours

Set your screens to automatically play and stop play at specific times according to your operating hours. 


Athena is a custom, proprietary OS & platform which means data is secure

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Store unlimited videos & images on our secure server

User Access Control

You can set up one or as many users as you would like. Specify access rights & permissions for your team.