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Better TV For Your Business

With the help of a small media player or Roku device & an internet connection any screen becomes a powerful communication and sales tool. With Citadel you have 24/7 access to your network. Engage & inspire your customers with our professionally developed video libraries or upload and organize your own content. Choose from any of our multi-specialty video library that provides a wealth of educational, informative and entertaining viewing options. Whether you are looking to provide valuable information about your business, educate your customers about the products and services you offer or insights on the latest technology or trends, Citadel is designed with your business in mind. Simple, elegant and packed with content, Citadel is better TV for your business.

Scheduling Simplicity!

Schedule Screens Like a Boss!

Easily schedule screens to start and stop play based on your location schedules by day.  Intuitive, simple & powerful! Seriously, we created this software so you can spend more time building your business – less time messing with patforms.