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Inform. Entertain. Upsell.

Our platform empowers your business to inform, entertain, and upsell to your most important audience: the people visiting your location. Citadel is a magical blend between digital signage and streaming video programming. Educate, engage, inspire & motivate your prospects and customers to do more business with you leveraging the power of video programming. Stream & manage video content and ads to one screen or thousands of screens elegantly and easily. Upload your own video content and/or choose from our catalog of awesome content channels to fit your industry.

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Engage. Inspire. Inform.
Any Business. Any Size.

Engage your customers while they are in your business. Inspire your customers to interact with more of your products & services. Inform your customers about events or specials.
Increase Revenue by keeping customers focused on your products, services, treatments or specials

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Upload your video content and/or subscribe to ours. All the content you could ever need in one place.

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Schedule your screen by day and schedule your content to play when you want it to. Spend time building your business, not figuring out software. Be up & running in minutes!

Wow Your Customers!

Engage, entertain, educate and inspire your customers to do more business with your business.

Pick the product that best suits your business

Two Products, One Awesome Solution


Citadel is the premier small business digital signage platform. Simple, powerful and affordable, Citadel is an elegant cloud-based platform that delivers video content to screens via an internet connection and either a Roku device or a windows media player


Athena is our full enterprise level platform designed for business looking to build their own digital signage/streaming video network. Athena offers a full suite of tools for networks starting at a min of 25 screens. Athena can be scaled to an unlimited number of screens throughout the world. The Athena platform is where you can organize content, create playlists, build channels, and create screens.

Built for Businesses. No matter the size.

If digital signage & streaming OTT video programming had a baby, that miraculous bundle of joy would be named CITADEL.

A Family of Products

Choose the program that fits your business needs
Improve customer engagement
Sell more products & services
Manage 25 - 1000+ screens throughout the world in a single dashboard
Sell inventory on your screens or push pre-roll ads to OTT & online video platforms
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